Bicycles are two wheeled light and comfortable vehicle that will ease and help conveniently to the riders. In the world wide it is also known as  the bikes or cycles. A human powered vehicle of two wheels light in weight and ease structure will be a convenient patronages for its rider. A bicycle has two wheels attached to the frame one on the behind end  and the other is on the front end. These frame are connected to the light steel body of the bicycle . In the centre the rider seat is protuberance where the rider can sit  and with the complete control /support of the handle connected solidarity with the front tyre frame, the rider can have a definite management of the bicycle. Through the  handle break  control one can with ease and according to one’s conscious control and manage the bicycle.

Bicycles/ bikes/ cycles are the  healthiest means of transportation. One can do their regular work , load and unload work, transport support  etc. Through bicycles, one can have a fitness and physical solidarity either. The medical has proved that today’s era is becoming the easy because of convenient machinery devices available to us. We are using a lot of automobiles for our movement, hence , a disorders generates at different parts of our body. We too are obsessed with disease sticken one. Hence, the bicycles are providing the complete exercises of our body from joints to the nervous system. In a nutshell, daily riding ones bicycles will make ones healthy and wealthy. A regular movement exercises will too makes following system in good and healthy conditions.

Bicycles are introduced in the Europe in 19th century. The advent brings a revolution in the complete European States and in a short while only it has pervaded it’s roots to the complete world. An estimation of the survey in the  year 2003 indicates that .ore than one billion bicycles have been produced all over the world. The concerned survey also urges that the bicycles are twice as automobiles production worldwide.

Cleaning of bicycles/bikes/cycles.

The beneficial vehicle for our transportation, load carrying works, etc therefore to be genuine rider we should not have aloof from the complete consideration and care of our respective vehicle. Hence, we should clean our bike regularly. A quarterly over halling is essential for one’s bicycles .  It will increase the efficiency and life of it. For daily cleaning we should use old cotton cloth/T Shirt/ old rags . A brush of different shapes and sizes for wheels ,sponges, scrubs etc.