We all love to ride bicycles and it is one of the healthiest ways of living as it is not just help in transportation but it is one of the best exercises that help to maintain healthy and balanced weight. Thus it won’t be wrong to say that cycling is good both for health and soul well, here in this post we are not going to shed lights on the benefits of cycling in fact, here we will unveil about how you can easily keep your bicycles clean and in best condition.

It is obvious over the period of the years  bicycles  breaks down from the constant use thus it becomes important to take care of it properly so that you can easily make the most of it in the best manner possible. If you are not use or rather if you are not aware of the fact, then this is the perfect place to stumble as here we will help you to have understanding of bike cleaning and how you can easily prevent it from the wear and tear.

It is common misconception that has become universal truth and that is washing bike would suffice the  purpose but if you  are not doing proper upkeep and care then washing car would not  prove to be helpful and  it won’t do any good. To acquaint you here we bring you some of the steps that will help you to keep your Bicycles clean and they will also run smoothly.

Bicycle cleaning process!

  • Firstly, it is important to catch hold of all the important cleaning products that are necessary for cleaning process. It is important to collect all the important cleaning stuffs like cleaning liquids, Pliers, and screwdrivers, sets of wrenches, torch and other important aspects, brush are important  stuffs that you need to have while carrying out the  cleaning and up keep process.
  • Now that you have gathered all the important stuff then let us quickly take turn towards start with the chain of the bicycle, although this is not an easy errand but it is important part of the service provider thus it becomes important to know the right method so that you can easily have the best services that will do the needful. Properly take out the chain properly using the chain scrubber, if you are not having chain scrubber then add degreasing solvent in the pan soak the chain in the solvent then after soaking for minute and two rinses it.
  • Drive train:  The second part includes cleaning of the chain rings and the best ways is to use the chain ring is to clean with brush as this will help you clean the cervixes and teeth and pulleys. If possible put the gentle stream of water.
  • Frame: cleaning is bit easy at all you have to do is to take clean soft sponge and just sponge it from top to button in every possible corner.
  • Wheel cleaning is also important that you can easily do it without any hassles.